Why Fluffernoggin?

So the quick answer to the question of why you should buy gourmet craft beef jerky from Fluffernoggin is because it's friggin good! (more on that later) We also have to give some credit to our name. I mean let's be honest, when you first saw the name "Fluffernoggin", we bet you said, "what the heck is a fluffernoggin" and then it probably it made you laugh right? We think it's memorable, catchy, and it looks real good on a bag of beef jerky! 

Now, on to the real reason. Our gourmet beef jerky is simply the best, most tender and flavorful jerky on the market. So why are we different? Well, we are glad you asked!

  • We use only the best cuts of the highest quality brisket available
  • All of our jerky is 100% organic and gluten free
  • We only use solid strips of meat in our jerky
  • It is extremely tender and melts in your mouth
  • Each recipe is handcrafted with the perfect of amount of seasoning and care
  • It is USDA inspected, approved and made right here in the US of A.